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Daniel Feeney, Ph.D.

Biomechanics & Movement Scientist

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Sneak Preview

Dr. Dan Feeney's research passion includes understanding why we move how we move. From mathematical models of neurons to macroscale athletic performances, he hopes to understand what causes us to adopt movement patterns, and can we use clues from these to improve performance. This interest has led him to becoming a research scientist for Athos.


Dan grew up a competitive swimmer, ran cross country and track for the Division 1 program at the University of Delaware, raced as a professional triathlete and coaches triathlon and running. During his triathlon years, he won a collegiate national title, competed in two elite, ITU world duathlon championships and world cups. He also coached the 2017 USAT male age group triathlete of the year and female honorable mention.


Academically, Dan received a Ph.D. (graduation Spring, 2018) in Neurophysiology from the University of Colorado Boulder along with an undergraduate and masters degree in Biomechanics from the University of Delaware. During that time, he established a series of mathematical models regarding the link between the central nervous system, motor neuron function, and movement in humans.

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